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Howdy! I often give people advice, but usually it’s in a place that other people won’t see it (email, twitter). Enough of that! If you’ve got a question, ask it here and I’ll do my best to answer promptly. You can ask me about:

  • Freelancing (don’t call it that!)
  • Marketing (for consultants or businesses)
  • Development, mostly WordPress related
  • Microsoft FrontPage (well, maybe not)

Ask below!

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  1. As a WordPress developer, the ‘perfect’ client for me(right now) is a designer or agency who needs development help.

    How could I go about finding/attracting more of these ‘perfect’ clients?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Great question, Eric. I’d start by looking in your local area, since it’s a little easier to quickly build a relationship when you can go meet someone, take them to lunch/coffee, etc. So, if you were to go that direction, I’d do the following:
      1. Google “{your location} web design”
      2. Get the phone numbers of the first ten results
      3. Call them up, tell them you’re a local developer, you want to learn about their business, and ask if you can take them to lunch next Tuesday at {nice local restaurant}.
      4. Take them to lunch, and ask them lots of questions. Less talking, more listening. Don’t just act interested; be interested. Ask them how they got started. What kind of clients they have. What kind of client they like. What problems they have with clients. What advice they have for you. Listen!
      5. Finish lunch.
      6. The next day, drop a physical card in the mail, thanking them for their time. Mention that you offer development services, and would love to help them with {problems they’ve had}. Your work probably came up in conversation at lunch, but you downplayed it and turned the conversation back to them, right?
      7. Rinse and repeat.
      8. Come back and tell me how this works! I’ve not done this before, but if I were approached in this way by someone locally, I would 1) love the free lunch at a nice restaurant and 2) be flattered that they were asking me about my experiences and for my advice. If I needed some development help and they could handle it, they would be my first call.

      I hope that helps!

      Edit: Also, I’d sign up for Robert Williams Workshop, especially if you’re in a situation where you want/need more leads ASAP.

  2. Hey Travis,
    Love the value you’ve been adding through your website.

    I had a question about marketing funnels.
    A good marketing funnel should e something like this:

    Prospect signs up to your email list through a lead magnet
    They might go through some sort of autoresponder series
    They buy a tripwire, something like an ebook or a low level service(e.g. roadmapping session)
    They then buy your core service.

    Here’s my question, how do I attract high-level business owners who don’t sit around reading my blog or email newsletters? and who have secretaries that are trained to keep cold calls and emails at out of their lives?

    1. Adam,

      Great question! A huge element of that for us has been building relationships with people who can refer business to us. Until you’ve built up a decent amount of momentum in building an audience of your own, you should seek to leverage others’ audiences. For us, that has meant building relationships with membership plugin developers, since membership sites are our focus. Those plugin developers are practically drowning in requests from their customers for custom development work, but they don’t have the time or desire to take that work on, so they’re happy to be able to refer those customers to us.

      So for right now, we’re kind of doing things backwards; people aren’t starting out with a super low level offering like an ebook (though we do start many relationships with a paid roadmapping session). But at the same time, we’re very intentional about getting those contacts, whether we end up doing a project with them or not, on our list and adding value that way, whether it’s through a general educational email campaign for membership site owners or something related to a specific subtopic. That way, we can stay in touch with them with no hands-on effort, and they’re more likely to come back when they need more help, etc.

      Does that answer your question well?

  3. Hello,

    I am trying to make a membership site using WordPress. I started with a theme from WooCommerce and then installed the Restrict Content Pro plugin, but it doesn’t seem like they’re compatible. Once I installed the plugin, it made all of the features/images from the theme disappear. Is it one or the other?

    Please point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks,

    1. Sheena, hard to say without seeing your site :). They should work fine together, though. I’d suggest contacting support at one of those plugins, or your host.

  4. What resources would you recommend for someone who wants to focus on doing Facebook advertising for businesses with a converting funnel who are willing to pay a monthly retainer to keep the ads going and being refined and tested?

    Very excited to pursue this opportunity as a productised service where they pay a setup fee and then pay just based on performance of the number of leads gotten.

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