Best Practices for Freelancers

I’ll be continually updating this page with my own advice as well as links to outside resources I come across. If you see something you think I should add or have any questions for me, email me or find me on Twitter – I’d love to talk to you!

On Naming

Let’s get this out of the way first: call yourself a consultant, not a freelancer. I’ve said this before, and so have others. As Jason Kester said, when you do this you get to double your rate. Granted, as Thomas Ptacek mentions in that thread (see link), you can double your rate no matter what you call yourself, but it’s been my experience (and that of others I’ve talked with) that people take you more seriously if you call yourself a consultant.

Be in a mastermind group

Working as a freelancer consultant can lead to loneliness and a bit of an echo chamber. You need outside input and accountability in your business, and a mastermind is one of the best ways to get that (and provide that for others at the same time). Read my post on why mastermind groups are awesome.

Miscellaneous links

Here’s a good comment on Hacker News by Thomas Ptacek on how to go from nothing to high-priced expert. As with anything, you’ve got to put the work in.


Double Your Freelancing Rate. The starting point if you want to raise your prices and run a better business.

Value Based Fees. This book will help you move even higher up the consulting ladder, showing you how to provide (and, essentially, communicate) more value, and how to charge accordingly.


The Freelancers’ Show