Vast worlds

There are some things that if considered too often, or too carefully, can quickly become overwhelming.

For instance:

Every person you cross paths with today is a complex human, full of thoughts, emotions, fears, hopes, desires, failures, and so on. Walking around a crowded city, you’re surrounded by entire worlds, inside the vast sea of people you wade through.

Drilling down even further, it gets all the more mind-blowing: every person you see walking around is carrying around some measure of fear.

Fear that they’ll get fired. Fear that they’ll lose an important relationship. Fear that they won’t be a good parent. Fear that they aren’t a good child. Fear that they won’t do what they’re meant to with their life. Fear that they’re wasting time in a relationship. Fear that people will see them for the fraud they think they are. Fear that people will see them for the fraud they actually are.

Of course, each of those people is also carrying around positive thoughts and feelings, too. At least, I hope they are. They are loved, respected, cared for, thought well of, missed, adored, and cherished.

Consider your world: all the physical spaces you inhabit, the friends and family you interact with, the people you touch in a myriad of various ways large and small. Your life is a vast expanse of depth, complexity, and nuance.

Now consider that all around you, there are thousands of worlds like that, inhabited by people who are both quite similar to, and vastly different than you.

But don’t consider that for too long. It can be a bit much.