Running a SaaS business is hard work

It’s even harder when you’re doing it by yourself.

Marketing, sales, customer support, design, devops, and oh yeah… actually building the thing.

If you’re like most solo founders, then once you get some traction, development starts to take a back seat. You know you need to focus on revenue generating activities, so you work on your landing pages, write emails to your list, talk to customers, work on making sales to bigger accounts, etc.

Maybe you still sneak away to write code sometimes, but you know that’s not your number one priority right now.

On the other hand, all software has bugs, and they start to pile up after a while. And you’ve got some great ideas for feature additions that will make your customers really happy – and hopefully attract new ones! But you just don’t have the time to do it all.

That’s where I come in

Point me to your issue tracker, and I will mow down your backlog of bugs. You know the ones that have been sitting there for 6 months (or maybe 18)? The ones that nag at you but you just can’t justify taking the time to tackle? Done. Gone.

All those features you want to add? That’s what I’m here for.

Know you need to add a new feature to let your customers do X, but not sure exactly how to implement it? I’ll help you decide on a direction, write the code, and tweak until you’re happy.

Are we a fit?

If your stack is PHP on the backend (my focus is Laravel, but I’m happy to pick up another framework), then chances are I can get up to speed quickly and help you out. And yep, I can handle frontend work too. My favorite combination is Tailwind & VueJS, but I’m flexible there as well.

Drop me a line at, and let’s talk.