This page is the most up to date snapshot of what I’m up to, since my personal site is oft-neglected.

December 2017 update:

After nearly two years of full time travel, we’re planning on settling down in 2018… we just don’t know where yet! We’ve got a few cities (Asheville, Chattanooga, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs) on the list to check out in January, and if one of those feels right to us, we’ll plan a longer stay in the spring to really test it out.

November 2016 update:

We sold our house in April and have been traveling full time since then. Nomads, gypsies, whatever you want to call us is fine with me ;). It’s been quite an adventure; more on that at our family site:

Everything else below is still accurate.

December 2015 update:

Amanda, Kyle, and I are selling our house in Texas in a few months (Spring of 2016), and will be fullish-time nomads for a while! If you know me well, email/tweet/carrier-pigeon me for more details.

I’m working with Michael on Member Up — we exclusively help membership sites, usually with things like increasing conversion rates and reducing churn. We published a book in late 2015.

I co-wrote a book with my mastermind group. If you a freelancer, a consultant, self-employed, or think you may want to be in the future, you should go buy it.

As always, you can find me on Twitter.

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Last update for this page: November 28, 2016. Thanks to Derek for /now inspiration.