This page is the most up to date snapshot of what I’m up to, since my personal site is oft-neglected.

April 2020 update, pandemic edition:

Work: I am currently doing contract development for a few clients, mostly focused on Laravel and VueJS. If you need this kind of help, get in touch. More on that here.

Pandemic: pretty crazy, huh? Our family is mostly weathering the weirdness ok; we already worked from home so that wasn’t an adjustment, and thankfully my work hasn’t been impacted (yet?). The biggest change is having Kyle at home 24/7, but he’s doing amazingly well with that. For now he’s still doing school stuff and spends lots of time on video chats with his classmates, both goofing off and collaborating on school work. I’m thankful that we’re not more impacted by the craziness.

June 2019 update:

A year in, we love living in Fort Collins. Lots of new friends, we’ve been biking a ton, exploring the area, etc. etc.

For work right now, I’m focused on Plugin Pro, a service I launched to manage WordPress plugin development for SaaS companies. Amanda and I are also working on what could be a rather large and interesting project with a large organization here. It’s too early to tell if that’ll get off the ground, but we’ll see.

June 2018 update:

Oh, snap! We’re settled in Fort Collins in our new house. I have a home office, which is amazing after two years of working from coffee shops/AirBnBs/trains/planes/automobiles (no, really). Kyle is making tons of friends in our neighborhood, and everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. We’ve found a church we like, and are making friends there. The hiking and biking here is great, and we’ve been taking full advantage of that.

Business: things are going well with our consulting practice; we’re working with interesting clients from (literally) around the world.

April 2018 update:

We’re in the process (closing in a few days) of buying a house in Fort Collins, Colorado. We spent the month of March there looking for houses, settling on a school for Kyle, and making friends, and it already feels like home.

If  you’re in Fort Collins or nearby, shoot me a message.

December 2017 update:

After nearly two years of full time travel, we’re planning on settling down in 2018… we just don’t know where yet! We’ve got a few cities (Asheville, Chattanooga, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs) on the list to check out in January, and if one of those feels right to us, we’ll plan a longer stay in the spring to really test it out.

November 2016 update:

We sold our house in April and have been traveling full time since then. Nomads, gypsies, whatever you want to call us is fine with me ;). It’s been quite an adventure; more on that at our family site:

Everything else below is still accurate.

December 2015 update:

Amanda, Kyle, and I are selling our house in Texas in a few months (Spring of 2016), and will be fullish-time nomads for a while! If you know me well, email/tweet/carrier-pigeon me for more details.

I’m working with Michael on Member Up — we exclusively help membership sites, usually with things like increasing conversion rates and reducing churn. We published a book in late 2015.

I co-wrote a book with my mastermind group. If you a freelancer, a consultant, self-employed, or think you may want to be in the future, you should go buy it.

As always, you can find me on Twitter.

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Last update for this page: November 28, 2016. Thanks to Derek for /now inspiration.