Podcasts I like

Here are some podcasts I like, in no particular order:

  • Bootstrapped with kids – great useful business insights. Bonus: absolutely hilarious. Great whether you have kids or not.
  • Bootstrapped.fm – usually good, often a little slow or rambly, but on interesting topics most of the time. Also a great accompanying discussion forum.
  • Startups for the rest of us – consistently good. Very focused and actionable.
  • Tropical MBA – consistently good. Focused on “location independent” entrepreneurs, but has value for people who aren’t traveling the world as well. They do great at distilling things down into takeaways.
  • Bootstrapped web – good in-the-trenches podcast, with Brian and Jordan discussing things as they experience them in their own businesses. Focused & valuable.
  • Freelancers show – what it says on the box. Aimed at freelancers, good advice and good guests. Well, not all the time.
  • Hardcore history – has nothing to do with business, but wow. If you like history at all, give this a listen. Several massive, multi-part series on various topics (WWI, Mongols, etc.) of 12+ hours.