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Showing commit history on posts

Update: since converting this site to use Astro, I needed to change how the commit history component works. You can see the changes in this commit. Unfortunately, the conversion to Astro resulted in the commit history for old posts effectively being reset, but c'est la vie.

Thanks to Tom Critchlow, I recently found out about Ryan Duffy's blog post detailing how he added commit history to the posts on his Jekyll-powered site. I recently discussed a similar idea with Jon Borichevskiy and decided to adapt Ryan's method to my Gridsome-powered site.

To do this, I added a CommitHistory component, which takes a path as a prop; the path is then concatenated with the base path and a request is made to the GitHub commits endpoint:

In my Post.vue template file, I then have a path computed property that determines the path in the repository of the current post, and sends that to the CommitHistory component:

Nothing fancy, but a fun little feature to add to my site. Of course, since most of my posts are recently imported from WordPress, they'll almost all have a commit message of add a ton of stuff? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. All the more reason to write more!


publish commit history articleTravis Northcutt updated this on 3/19/2023