The Value of Participating

One thing I'd like to do a lot more of this year is helping others, especially in the WordPress community. I am by no means an expert developer or mover and shaker in the community, but I do know that there are things I can do to help and teach others.

In that vein, I often offer up suggestions (especially grammatical suggestions) when people I follow on Twitter publish blog posts or other content on the web. Sometimes I wonder if it might come across as annoying, but I usually get a thank-you of some sort in response. I figure having a better-written post helps them look better to more people, so it's probably welcome in most cases.

Brian Krogsgard is one person I've done that to a few times, and it must have made a a good impression on him, because the last time I did that, he responded by saying he'd like me to just make those edits myself:

I told him I'd love to help:

However, I didn't expect what happened next. Brian emailed me a few days later, and asked if I'd be interested in coming on as a Contributing Editor to help with edits, writing posts, and generally growing the site. I was surprised, and very excited! The result is Brian's post today announcing that I've joined the Post Status team.

I'm thrilled with this development, for two reasons. First, I really like Brian and what he's doing in the WordPress community, and I'm really looking forward to working with him and getting to know him better. Second, I'm excited about the opportunity to get even more involved in the community, and help more people however I can.

My point in sharing this with you? Participating in a community, whether that's WordPress or any other group of people, can result in unexpected opportunities. Sometimes it can be easy to keep your head down all the time and just focus on what you're doing. Try to remember to talk with people, help out where you can, and stretch your boundaries every now and then. You never know what might happen.

And finally, I'll note that I got Brian's email inviting me to be a Contributing Editor on January 27th, my birthday. Coincidentally, I tweeted Brian an offer to help with working on Post Status exactly one year prior:

What took you so long, Brian?!?!