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What if

This post is a bit of a departure for me. Let’s see what happens.

What if I said
What if I talked to
What if I did
What if I went

What if he doesn’t
What if you won’t
What if they don’t
What if she believes

We all have so many what ifs. They can’t all be, and some of your what ifs you may know already never will be.

At once this is both agonizing (the not knowing!) and freeing, I think.

I think the only true (safe? healthy?) option is to turn toward the not knowing and embrace it, celebrate it, exult in it.

There is beauty in the not knowing. There is beauty in the pain, the joy, the loss, the ecstasy that could have been but never will be.

If nothing else for the logical certainty that in this path of what is, not what if, there must also be pain, joy, loss, and ecstasy that can and will be.

I don’t know what could be, and I don’t know what will be, and there I can find life.


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